MX2 Battery Conditioner

New life for mechanically sound older batteries and double life expectancy for new ones.

Product information

INOX MX2 is in a class of its own, the only product of its kind that keeps giving outstanding results year in, year out!

Approximately 70% of lead-acid batteries over a period of time stop operating because of sulfation on the plates. Charging the battery does not stop this sulfation from happening. INOX MX2 Battery Conditioner can be added at any time during the life cycle of a lead acid battery, but for the best results and longest life for the battery, it is best to add the INOX MX2 Battery Conditioner when the battery is brand new.


UP TO 12 MONTHS ADDITIONAL FULL REPLACEMENT WARRANTY WITH PURCHASE OF 92ML BOTTLE ONLY, ON NEW LEAD ACID STANDARD SIZE BATTERIES. (Standard size battery is equal to motorcycle, car or 4wd vehicle) In the event of marine or other deep cycle type batteries, these will require 30mls per cell – 2 bottles of 92ml INOX MX2 will need to be purchased
* Written warranty conditions apply *

The manufacturers of INOX Battery conditioner – Candan Industries Pty Ltd will give an additional Battery Warranty Period equal the Battery Manufacturers Warranty Period or for a period of 12 months whichever is the lesser on all lead-acid batteries when INOX Battery conditioner is added to the battery from new.

Key features

  • Dissolves battery killing sulfation
  • Better & faster cold morning starts
  • Constant brighter lights
  • Rapid power recovery & recharge
  • Holds charge longer between use
  • Increases battery efficiency up to 18%
  • Up to 2 – 3 times longer use
  • Up to 12 months additional warranty with 92ml bottle purchase when added to a brand new battery. *conditions apply*
  • For use in cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, buses, aviation, farm & earth moving equipment, industrial, solar & stationary batteries
Application & Uses

For all lead-acid batteries used in motor cars & cycles, boats & general marine, trucks, buses, farm & earthmoving machinery, stationary & generating plants, aviation, electric powered & driven machinery & equipment, isolated & independent transmitter & receiver installations, solar energy storage, emergency back up systems and all other industrial and commercial applications where lead-acid batteries are used.

Approximately 75% of lead-acid battery failures are caused by a build up of sulphation on plates and separators. One treatment with INOX Battery Conditioner dissolves and helps prevent the recurrence of this battery killing sulphation, restores the active ingredients and allows the battery to operate at full capacity.

INOX Battery Conditioner will not harm batteries, it is purely an agent to help keep the electro-chemical process active longer in lead-acid batteries.

INOX Battery Conditioner can be added to a battery at any age, the older a battery is, the less effective INOX Battery Conditioner may be. If an older battery will not hold its charge properly, has recharging problems or is just generally slow, the addition of INOX Battery Conditioner in 95% of cases will give the battery additional new life for up to 2 – 3 years.

Nb. Inox battery conditioner is not a cure all, it will have little or no effect on mechanically unsound batteries.


How much do I add to my battery?
Battery dosage instructions are included in each 92ml box and on the back label of the 1, 5 and 20 litre containers. The table below also shows how much INOX battery conditioner to add for most common battery types.

What about adding MX2 to uncommon battery types?
If your battery size is not listed above, use 30 ml for every 1 litre of liquid electrolyte (battery acid).
For 2 volt (2.2 V) single cells in larger multi-cell traction or stationary battery banks, the calculator below can be used to estimate the amount of electrolyte and work out the correct dosage per cell.

What is INOX battery conditioner?
INOX Battery Conditioner is an electro-chemical catalyst that can be added to all lead-acid batteries to increase the performance and life of the battery.

What are the benefits of adding INOX battery conditioner to a lead-acid battery?
It helps stop the crystallization of lead sulphate on the plates, increases battery life by up to 2 to 3 times, increases battery efficiency by 18%, gives brighter lights, faster starts & recharge.

Will INOX battery conditioner work in older batteries?
Providing the older battery has only a sulphate problem and is mechanically sound, INOX Battery Conditioner should add another 1 to 2 years life to the battery. NB. There is about a 2 – 3% failure rate when adding INOX Battery Conditioner to batteries that are more than 2 years old.

What is the INOX battery conditioners manufacturer’s warranty?
When INOX Battery Conditioner is added to a new battery in the first 2 weeks and the completed warranty form is sent to Candan Industries Pty Ltd, there will be an additional full replacement warranty on the battery equal to the battery manufacturer’s warranty to maximum of 12 months and will start the day the battery manufacturer’s warranty expires. EG. Battery with 6 months battery manufacturer’s warranty gets an additional 6 months with the INOX Battery Conditioner ( I B C ) (making 12 warranty in total). 12 months BMW plus 12 months I B C (24 months in total). 24 months BMW plus 12 months I B C (36 months in total).

INOX® QUALITY PRODUCTS “There is no substitute for Quality”

Battery ApplicationAmp Hour (Ah)Voltage (V)ml/cell
Golf Cart<100660
Trucks, Bus,101-150660
Marine, Tractors etc.151-200690

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